Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Power Zonic Gaming. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Cheating

    1. The use or promotion of hacks, exploits, bots, or illegal third-party programs is not prohibited while being member or an associate of the Power Zonic Gaming community. To clarify this goes for multiplayer use that would give you and other members an advantage over other members or general gamers outside the community. Any bans made by third party anti-cheat organizations for (hacking, glitching, modding, etc) will result in a permanent ban from Power Zonic Gaming. #
    2. Existing third-party bans prior to joining Power Zonic Gaming will be addressed to new members for further evaluation before acceptance into our community. Prior bans that qualify against our standards will result in a rejection of membership. #
    3. Third-party bans for games Power Zonic Gaming does not support will also result in a permanent ban from Power Zonic Gaming. #
  2. Games Support

    1. Currently, any new games Power Zonic Gaming supports will be added only by the approval of the Power Zonic Gaming Administration. #
    2. Approved game sections will be required to maintain a minimum level of activity and members for the section to stay supported in Power Zonic Gaming. #
    3. ALL members of any game sections supported MUST have/create a forum account to stay in contact with the community. #
  3. Membership & Account Responsibility

    1. All members apart of Power Zonic Gaming are responsible for maintaining the privacy of their account. #
    2. Under no circumstances that members allow other members access to their account or any restricted information/privileges available via these accounts. #
  4. Behavior & Etiquette

    1. All members are expected to treat other members with respect and refrain from behavior that may offend other members of Power Zonic Gaming. Members should conduct themselves appropriately on forums and in chats within and outside of Power Zonic Gaming. #
    2. Trolling, malicious comments, or posting inappropriate content is not allowed. No sexual harassment of any kind whether it's through discussion or pornographic materials is not allowed within the forums or outside clubs such as (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, etc) that are associated with Power Zonic Gaming. #
    3. Forum spam (A post/thread that contains irrelevant or useless information or is off-topic from the original section) will not be tolerated. #
    4. Regardless of any age, the use of profanity on the forums through thread titles and posts are not allowed. #